17 febbraio 2009

How to remove ASK toolbar

I installed the ASK toolbar by pressing the wrong botton. From that moment it appeared everywhere in Firefox (by I saw somewhere that with explorer they had the same problem as well).
I begin to delete it from everywhere:
-application program
-files in the "program files" folder
-firefox add-on
-control panel -> internet option -> change search option ->settings -> REMOVE!

and still NOTHING!
I'M not a COMPUTER GENIUS, please add if you know more and I don't take any responsability for your computer. I use Firefox 3.0.6
If happened the same for you well...you have an extreme possibility: about:config.
I say extreme because in there you can control Firefox, but means that if you change the wrong stuff it might crash your firefox. So. First of all do a backup of your bookmarks. Go to firefox: bookmarks -> organize bookmarks-> import & backup -> export and save this file somewhere safe.
Then, but remember: CRASH! Try not to change nothing if you aren't sure: ok, write about:config in the google bar (of firefox) then FILTER: ask
In my case there where around 7 lines. You should change all the ASK to GOOGLE.
Be really careful there is a function of ask that is of firefox:if you see NEVERASK or ALWAYSASK don't change it!
browser.search and similar ones are te one you are lookng for.
I press RESET ON the 2 triky ones: extension.snipit etc and everything looks ok...

I didn't find nothing really helpful on the net about this.
BOYCOTT ASK. This toolbar intrusion is just ridiculous!

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