10 dicembre 2008

American Nightmare: The new Lockheed Martin Multiple Kill Vehicle (MKV)

Ladies and gentlemen,

It is not with great pleasure that I introduce you to the "Multiple Kill Vehicle", to solve all your bad neighbourhood problems.

More seriously, this new machine will be used to intercept inter-continental missiles carrying multiple warheads. The idea is to try to intercept the threat with one and only one weapon (the MKV).

However, at first when I watched the video, I didn't know what it was for, and I assumed it was to kill everything around it. Objectively speaking, this weapon would certainly constitute a weapon of choice to "clean" warzones without risking the soldiers' lives. However I am not sure if is able to make the difference between the good and the bad guys...

Anyway, you can download the official press release from the pentagon HERE

Enjoy the video:

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