10 settembre 2008


For those who don't know what EMOTIV is, check out the first article (in Italian but you can use the translator).

For those who remember, it is actually ten times better than what we thought after checking their website.
Last Tuesday, 6pm, we head (late) to their research lab. The lab actually is not as impressive as we could believe, since it is just an office on three floors with computers everywhere... BUT on the last floor, there they were: the EPOK helmets, allowing us to experience EMOTIV.

After a 15 minutes calibration test and explanations, LG puts the helmets on, and the game begins...

First of all: the use of hands or any muscles is useless, since EVERYTHING comes from your thoughts, except the expressions which are read through the facial muscles.
No need to lift your arms or twist them like a Magician, it won't work if you don't think properly about what you want to happen (remember Matrix and the spoon, the same...).

For ease of use, we are not using the gyroscope integrated in the helmet to move our character through the game, since it's really too much for a fresh start.

But the excitement comes straight at the first challenge, which is to lift a 500Kg rock in the air... So the master shows you how to do it, but then, when comes your turn... not so easy. After all, what should we think in order to lift? Should we think: "lift ! lift! lift! lift! lift! lift! lift!" ? Not sure, but the truth reveals itself right when the rock slowly goes up in the air, and then you realize: it actually works! I thought about lifting it in the air, and it did it!
Wow wow wow! Hold on a second. This could be some coincidence as well. Fair enough. Then comes out the second challenge: pulling a tree. Ouch! If I don't know what to think in order to lift through my thoughts, how am I going to pull? Not so easy, but then again, when you manage to concentrate on the "pull" thought, it works.

So no, there is no coincidence, and yes, that stuff can actually read and interpret your thoughts in a in-game action.

We had a truly amazing experience, and when going out of there, we couldn't help but thinking: Ok, we commanded a game through our thoughts, so what if a disabled person could command robotised legs through its thoughts?

I'll leave you meditating on this...

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