10 settembre 2008

The new iPod Nano

Apple is launching this is the new iPod nano 8G: the thinnest ever made.
It has got a larger wide screen, the accelerometer already on iPod Touch and iPhone, and Cover-flow to browse your library by album covers.

But most of all, it has got what no other Apple products ever had: The GENIUS!
What is it? Well, you know how boring making a compilation can be, you have to sort songs by styles, which is totally subjective, depending on what you like.

With Genius, you don't have to bother browsing through thousands of songs to find the ones that match with style you want: Genius does it for you.

In fact, Genius finds songs in a similar style than the one you pick, and queue them on your playlist.

Does it really work? Time will tell, but considering the efficiency of the previous Apple features on iPod and iPhone, my guess is that it is just going to be great.

A second new feature is the "shake to shuffle" feature, allowing you to change song randomly just by shaking the iPod... mot sure about the real use for this, but it's still a nice gadget to show your friends!

Another improvement is the music browser, more intuitive.
The retail price should be around US$ 149, so probably around 100-120 Euros (personal guess).

Check this out for more info:

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